A very unique tool to schedule your posts to Facebook (especially groups!)

PostPartner makes your life worry-free. Just sign up and let PostPartner post to your Facebook profile and groups one by one without any effort.

PostPartner - Facebook Auto Poster Tool

There are so many useful features that saves time and get you more leads and sales through Facebook by posting to Facebook profiles, groups and pages.


Yes, PostPartner is still working and is 100% safe!

PostPartner uses a very unique organic posting method to make your postings happen to groups.  It just posts organically, as if you’re posting yourself! 

Post to Facebook without lifting a finger!

Schedule month long posts in 2 minutes and PostPartner will keep posting to Facebook for you all day and you can focus on other parts of your business!

Spend less time posting to Facebook one by one and more time building your business. PostPartner will post to Facebook consistently for you on AutoPilot.
Facebook Scheduler
Post to Joined Facebook Groups

Save 4-5 hours of time everyday

Are you interested in menial labour? Or you actually value your time and want to achieve good results without working on things that you can automate?

PostPartner will save 4-5 hours of your time everyday while helping you achieve more than you ever could.

Yes, it's the only tool that can post to your joined groups!

Want to see PostPartner in action?

New features in the next version...!

Post from RSS Feed

You will be able to schedule posts automatically from RSS feeds. 

Video Posting

Finally, we are making video posting available to the app.

File Manager

A new dedicated file manager to store all your images and videos.

If you’re marketing on Facebook, you know how hard it is to post to Facebook one by one, especially groups.

You have to go to each group one by one and enter your message, upload your image, not to mention having to wait a few minutes after each post and sometimes hours to account for the time delay to not look spammy.

It’s too much work, and feels like most of your day is gone into working on Facebook. That’s the time you can never get back, but you can save that time with PostPartner.

Posting to Groups, Pages & Profiles

PostPartner Works Everywhere You Promote on Facebook. Including:

✅  Your Personal Profile: Schedule posts to your personal profile and have them posted all day every day at your preferred time!

✅  Joined Facebook Groups: Facebook groups are a secret weapon to build an audience, get leads, and make sales. PostPartner works in any group.

✅  Managed Facebook Groups: You can also schedule and post to your own groups as well as all the groups you have joined.

✅  Facebook Pages: Post to your Managed Facebook pages with ease with the best Facebook scheduler, PostPartner.

Facebook Profile and Groups Poster

Categorize and Post to Multiple Groups

You can create categories and add multiple groups to a single category.

So when you want to post, you can just select this group category and it will post to all the groups you have added inside this category automatically.

Post systematically with PostPartner

PostPartner is not just a tool for posting, it's a tool that let's you post the right content at the right time.

With PostPartner, you can make strategical postings by use of Post types. With Post Types, you can keep track of what kind of post you want to post on different times. You can make Engagement posts, lead posts, and so on so you don't end up posting just the same content over and over again.

You get great engagement and results with systematical posting.

Facebook Posting with PostPartner

*NEW: Post to Groups as a Page

With new PostPartner update, you can now schedule and auto post to your Facebook joined groups as a business page as well.

Simply change your profile to business page on Facebook, fetch groups on PostPartner and it will fetch all groups you have joined as business page. Then you can start auto posting those groups.

Combining the benefits

There are many other features on PostPartner to make your postings effortless.

Spintax Support

PostPartner has Spintax support built in. With Spintax, you can make sure all your posts are unique in some ways. 

Auto Repeat Posts

With Auto Repeat option, you can set PostPartner to automatically post the same post to the selected group/profile every X days. (Where X is any number of days you like.)

Set Time Delays

When making posts to multiple Facebook profiles/groups, you can set a time delay between each post to not make all posts at once. 

Categorize Groups

You can create different categories of groups to manage them effectively. So when posting, you can just select a category to post to and PostPartner will post to all groups in the category.

What does our clients say?

“Making sales through Facebook is simple but time consuming, this extension solves that problem. You make sales and you save time to do more important stuff.”
– Serhii Bodnar

“This saves me so much time- I just love this new PostPartner extension so much!”
– Timothy Brazeal

“Previous tools I tried did not work for me, this works perfectly so please keep this one always working.”
– Alex Warren

Start getting more leads and saving time today!

PostPartner is not just a software, it’s a mindset you will be getting into. Think about automating more things, getting more leads and sales, and staying above the rat race with unique knowledge.

How much is something that can save you a lot of time and get you a lot of leads/sales every month worth to you?

You can easily pay $100+ for this every month, right? But you don’t have to pay that much for PostPartner.

You’ll find it one of the best value for money tools.

Secure your spot today 🤘

Monthly Payments

$ 29 Monthly
  • Access to all PostPartner Features
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Email and chat support

Yearly Payment

$ 289 Yearly
  • Access to all PostPartner Features
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Email and chat support
Save 17% vs Monthly Plan 🔥🔥

You only pay $29 a month even after the price is increased to $37/m later.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PostPartner?

PostPartner is a easy to use, powerful Facebook posting Chrome extension that you can use to schedule and post to Facebook profiles, groups and pages.

Is PostPartner Safe to Use?

PostPartner is made in a way that it does all postings to Facebook just as you would do manually. So it’s not only safe, it’s an optimal tool to use for posting to Facebook. 

Is PostPartner "Beginner Friendly"?
Yes, it is beginner friendly and very easy and fun to use. You’ll actually love using PostPartner, it does so much without any effort from your side.
Can I Post to Groups I'm just a Member of?

Yes, you can post to all groups you have joined as well with PostPartner!

It’s the only app that supports that. 

Can I also post images and videos with PostPartner?

You can easily attach images to all of the posts that you schedule with PostPartner. We’re working making it where you can also attach videos to your post.

Is there an Affiliate Program?

No, we have something better. We have PostPartner Reseller Program, shoot us an email at [email protected] to learn more about it.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Click Here To Chat With A Specialist.

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